Best NFT Games to Earn Money-2022

Best NFT Games to Earn Money-2022

I think you should know the top 10 NFT games where you can earn up to $2000 per month! Correct? If so, let’s get started.

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What are NFT games?

NFT games are the only games that are analyzed and developed based on the blockchain. Each game will have its own market and tokens (currency). Players can receive valuable gifts in the form of NFTs (Non-Expendable Tokens for short) while participating. What is special and attractive to players is that NFT coins and items can be converted into real money through payment platforms at no cost. According to recent statistics, the average Axie Infinity player can earn between 30 and 40 million VND per month.

Unlike traditional games, the player’s items will remain in the player’s account. With blockchain games, you control your own currency and items. We can send, give away or sell to anyone without necessarily giving our own account information like traditional games.

There have been many situations where participants have generated thousands of dollars in revenue by selling virtual land on Decentraland. You can buy race tracks in the F1 Delta Time game in the form of a block chain, then you will receive the difference in price of the entry ticket or the launch race on the track you bought. Impressive, right? It’s like a real life virtual business, but you still have real money.

The currency of the NFT game that earns money is a crypto token, and each game has its own value.

Establishment and management of Game NFT

In 2017, for the first time, the NFT game called Cryptocurrencies, also known as Virtual Cat Game, was established. Players can create different breeds of cats, the more beautiful they are, the more valuable they are (a dragon cat sold well for around 40 billion VND). With unique and different game play, the new game makes this video game so popular that the Reuther network is saturated due to payment transactions. But moving on, the Game NFT’s hot power also cools down initially.

It wasn’t until the game title Ax Infinity, this time a billion dollar game, the game was revamped and developed by the Vietnamese themselves, playing as Pokémon. Really explode again, why?

Why is the NFT game in such high demand?

Emergence of Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain Technology: Not when it comes to massive and unprecedented cryptocurrency market share, Bitcoin is what most of us consider to be the NFT game with the economy. The market uses cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies
Play and earn money at the same time: There is nothing better than being able to earn a living with your passion. Not only that, interesting game play and high winnings make NFT game the first choice of the participants.
High profits: Game NFT is a new and profitable ecosystem for smart investors where many high-value payment transactions are continuously communicated. It is also part of the urge to get rich, which is why many players sign up for NFT Games account information.

What do you need to know about the NFT game: new trend in the crypto market?
How to play NFT game?

Usually with games, virtual game items are only placed in the player’s inventory. In other NFT games, each type of virtual item or resource is part of the NFT code, and the player can use this item to pay for transactions with other players or take it to the payment exchange for interviews. profit sharing.

Play to win (play for money) NFT games allow players to earn through game play, such as: implement in-game quests, collect rare items. Players will usually be rewarded with tokens and often NFTs, the longer the player plays the more money they earn. Earning tokens is part of the game creation process.

To participate in NFT games, players must first spend a certain amount of real money to purchase game items or characters. The game process is considered as the process of providing capital through character battles, spawning transactions, and payment with other players to earn interest on the tokens used in the game. This money is then converted into real money value (in units of cash flow in the player’s country or specific virtual currency pockets) and is priced according to market share.

Playing games, earning tokens and managing conversions means that the amount of income will depend from time to time depending on the movement and unfortunately it will reach 0, losing the investment.

It is not here, in our country the declarations of cryptocurrencies (cryptocurrency) or often called “virtual money” are not recognized by law.

Therefore, players must carefully analyze and delve into the essence of the game, as well as the laws of the law to avoid taking risks.

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